Municipal Projects - Planning/ Feasibility/ Design

Mount Rainier Resort at Park Junction, Elbe, WA

Prepared the preliminary design and assisted with the preparation of the Environmental Impact Report for a 0.2 mgd tertiary wastewater reclamation system to serve a resort development near Mt. Rainier National Park. The reclaimed water will serve as irrigation supply for the golf course and landscaping.

Rite of Passage, Sierra Ridge Campus, San Andreas, CA

Prepared permit applications and designed a 30,000 gpd secondary wastewater reclamation system for a private school campus in the Sierra foothills. System includes a treatment plant, 2.4 million gallon storage reservoir and 5 acres of spray fields.

KOA Campground, Santa Cruz, CA

Designed a 25,000 gpd collection and secondary treatment system for a campground located south of the City of Santa Cruz. Treatment included a recirculating sand filter and subsurface effluent disposal system.

Tommy Nix site visit to a future golf course using recycled water

Graham Hill Estates, Santa Cruz, CA

Prepared an alternative analysis evaluating a number of different methods of tertiary wastewater treatment and disposal for a small community near Santa Cruz, CA. Identified environmental impacts, cost factors, and technical feasibility issues associated with each alternative.

Silver Creek Valley Country Club, San Jose, CA

Prepared the conceptual study of a 0.6 mgd tertiary wastewater reclamation system for evaluation by the City of San Jose. The concept proposed to intercept raw sewage in the City's existing collection system, import that sewage to the project site, and reclaim wastewater for golf course and common-area irrigation.

Gilroy Southwest Quadrant, Santa Clara County, CA

A 1.5 mgd tertiary wastewater reclamation system was proposed for evaluation by the City of Gilroy. The project includes conveyance of raw wastewater from the City's regional plant to a satellite plant located in the southwest quadrant. The satellite plant will provide primary through tertiary treatment to facilitate use of the reclaimed effluent on a golf course, common-area landscaping, parkland, and sports fields.

Santa Clara Valley Water District, Santa Clara County, CA

A non-potable water market study was completed for the Santa Clara Valley Water District. In response to drought related water shortages in the region, Allied evaluated the potential for displacing potable groundwater deliveries to agricultural and industrial customers in the Gilroy area with non-potable water from alternative sources. These sources included imported raw water and locally available reclaimed wastewater effluent.